At Luxury Fabric Care by Fibe-Con We Understand That Your Furnishings Are a Big Investment ….

As Tennessee’s Top Carpet and Fabric Experts We Guarantee You Top Quality and Dramatic Results!

Did you know that harsh cleaning chemicals can strip natural pigments from delicate fibers and damage your carpet and expensive drapery fabrics?

Corrosive agents will strip your fabrics of essential protective compounds.  These concerns must be considered when hiring a professional cleaning service to restore your valuable furnishings.

You may not see the problem immediately, but over time your fine upholstered furnishings, carpets, Persian and oriental rugs will be irreversibly damaged by the wrong cleaning methods and chemicals.

Luxury Fabric Care specializes in quality fabrics and fine home furnishings. As experts, we handle delicate antique rugs and fabrics plus high-end carpeting and more.

We stand apart from our competitors as “Tennessee’s top cleaning professionals” that specialize in quality fabric care. We offer a 100% Fiber Care Guarantee that ensures that your furnishings will be protected, renewed and restored without using damaging chemicals or methods.

 Our unique industry specific knowledge, along with our
40 plus years of experience, gives us the ability to
care for your wall to wall carpeting, custom, oriental
and natural fiber rugs. As well as your upholstery and drapes.

Our knowledge of products and procedures will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Furniture, carpets and rugs eventually reach a point where they need more than dusting and vacuuming. Many old pieces simply need to be cleaned to restore them. Removing the original finish of a valuable piece, if it is in good condition, would destroy much of its value and character.

Luxury Fabric Care Services Include:

We look forward to serving your needs.

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